Past Presidents

Past Presidents

1933-34 Dr. R. A. Nausley
1934-35 Minor Bragg
1935-36 T. B. Woodmore
1936-37 Harvey Clark/Frank Burgdorf
1937-38 George L. Osborn
1938-39 Earl F. Rees
1939-40 Tommy T. Martin
1940-41 Herbert S. Smith
1941-42 Robert L. Howard
1942-43 Herbert B. Young
1943-44 E. W. Midgett
1944-45 R. E. Raburn
(Transferred after 1 meeting)
1944-45 Boyd Zumbro
1945-46 M. Henry Harrell
1946-47 Albert Parsley
1947-48 John R. Rucker
1948-49 Carl L. Hickerson
1949-50 George G. Campbell, II
1950-51 James Palmer
1951-52 Fred Key
1952-53 Lewis McCauley
1953-54 W. Madden Warfield
1954-55 Ed Phillips
1955-56 Joe L. Netherland
1956-57 William H. Davidson
1957-58 Joe Wolfe

1958-59 Torn Kendrick
1959-60 W. C. Brown
1960-61 W. E. Harris
1961-62 Ronald K. Waggoner
1962-63 Carl G. Reecer
1963-64 Don E. Moser
1964-65 Roy Bird
1965-66 Robert J. Suddarth
1966-67 William D. White
1967-68 B. C. Rice
1968-69 Charles W. Boggs
1969-70 Gene Sloan, Jr.
1970-71 John Matheny
1971-72 Jim Baker
1972-73 Neil Lancaster
1973-74 Eddie Ayers, Jr.
1974-75 Charles Mullins
1975-76 Ted Beach
1976-77 Butch Campbell
1977-78 Roger Haley
1978-79 Rick Wise
1979-80 Bob Caldwell
1980-81 Jack Mayercik
1981-82 Herb Keller
1982-83 Billy Pearson
1983-84 Robert Bouley
1984-85 Joe Townsend

1985-86 Victor McCauley
1986-87 Allen Lyon
1987-88 Bill Golden
1988-89 Dan C. Caffey
1989-90 Marvin Burton
1990-91 Jarman Arnold
1991-92 Gene Staats
1992-93 George Kerrick
Hubert Blackburn
1993-94 Hubert Blackburn
1994-95 Charles W. Boggs
Marvin Highfihl
1995-96 MarvinHighfill
1996-97 Marvin Highfill
1997-98 Shirley Staats
1998-99 Herb White
1999-00 Ralph Jackson
2000-01 Gene Staats
2001-02 Gale Prince
2002-03 Kenneth Thomas
2003-04 Oralee Meyers
2004-05 Herman Johnson
2005-06 Janice Kittrell
2006-07 Wendy Styer
2007-08 Herman Johnson

Historical Account by Past Presidents

1933-34 DR. R.A. NAUSLEY
Furnished transportation for boys and girls to summer camps. Sold advertising space in a newspaper and realized $76 which club donated to the McFadden School Fund for feeding undernourished children. Sponsored a motion picture show, the proceeds of which were also given to the McFadden School Fund. Placed copies of the Moral Code for Youth in all schools of city. Donated $15 to the Community Chest. One Key Member.

Installed lights on the State Teachers College football field at an expense of $150. Staged a minstrel show which netted $300. Played baseball with other Lions Club and service club teams, and devoted club’s share of proceeds to welfare work. Donated $10 to a Christmas charity fund and $20 per month to a school fund for supplying twenty-five undernourished children with one pint of milk a day. Cooperated with Boy Scouts in collecting and reconditioning used toys for poor children. Three Key Members.

1935-36 T.B. WOODMORE
Entertained the 1935 District Lions Convention. Contributed $15 toward a community July Fourth celebration, $60 to a school fund for supplying undernourished children with milk and $15 to a Christmas charity fund. Host to a group meeting at which FERA teachers of state were entertained. Banqueted the State Teachers College football team. Staged a Charity Ball which netted $91. Organized the Woodbury, Winchester and Lawrenceburg Lions Clubs. Four Key Members.

Held ladies night banquet. Promoted oiling of street and building of sidewalks. Sponsored Girl Scout troop. Provided underprivileged children with glasses. Aided Red Cross with a drive. Staged a charity dance. Sent $28.50 to Louisville, Kentucky Lions for flood relief. Aided in sales of tickets for President’s Birthday Ball.

Cooperated with other service clubs in organizing State Teacher College Alumni Association. Assisted in securing a location in county court house for blind boy’s vending stand. Observed Fire Prevention Week. Donated $5 to Associated Charities and $30 to McFadden School for feeding undernourished children. Netted $50 on harvest ball and $10 on Easter dance. Held a Chitterling supper. Sponsored Boy Scout troop at McFadden School. Cooperated with other service clubs and Chamber of Commerce on major civic problems. Presented One Key.

1938 E.F. REES
Furnished milk to woman and baby. Cleared $111 on advertising sold for special Lion Anniversary Edition of Rutherford Courier. Contributed $10 toward sending two underprivileged boys to Scout camp for a week. Sponsored and realized $85 on “Hostess Organization,” to which approximately 95 merchants subscribed, contribution trade coupons totaling about $60 per book. These books, with a basket of groceries valued at $10, were given to each newcomer to Murfreesboro. Donated $5 to Council of Social Agencies. Sponsored Boy Scout troop. Donated $30 to help feed undernourished children at McFadden School. Presented Three Keys. Presented One Master Key to George L. Osborn.

1939-40 T.T. MARTIN
Donated $5 toward sending Scoutmaster of Lions troop to Scoutmasters Training School at Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Sponsored a concession stand operated by a blind boy at the court house, and made him an honorary member of the club. Gave $10 to Boy Scout camp. Cleared $94.83 on Booster Edition published by the Rutherford Courier, which was distributed by 150 businessmen during a booster trip to 20 towns. Gave $10 per month to the McFadden School cafeteria. Erected Lions Welcome signs. Entertained World War Veterans at club’s Armistice Day program. Gave $50 to the city playground. Contributed $12.60 to Boy Scout troop. Held Chitterling supper. Appropriated $15 to send a boy to Boys State. Donated $15 for garden seed for Social Agencies. Purchased several pairs of glasses. Presented Six Keys.

1940-41 H.S. SMITH
Paid dues for club-sponsored Boy Scout troop. Supported movement for playground. Appropriated $51 to send boys to Scout Camp. Sponsored special newspaper edition on dedication day of U.S. Veterans Hospital. Donated $10 monthly toward School Hot Lunch fund. Realized $40 on Minstrel Show. Contributed $10 to Red Cross, and $50 to Community Chest fund. Fitted three person with glasses. Entertained 44 farmers. Presented Scout books to club’s troop. Sponsored special edition of newspaper, proceeds for charity fund. Appropriated $60 for children’s glasses. Organized softball club. Co-sponsored Kite meet with other service clubs. Appropriated $5 monthly for entertainment of Camp Forrest soldiers. Presented Two Keys.

1941-42 R.L. HOWARD
Held Bicycle Field Day. Conducted Ladies Night Americanism meeting and awarded War Stamps. Held Farmers night and supper. Contributed $60 toward Soldiers Recreation. Sponsored Boy Scout troop. Raised $150 on Minstrel Show for charity. Purchased $100 War Bond. Sponsored blind boy’s concession stand in Court House. Spent $60 for glasses. Sponsored War Bond Pledge Campaign.

Sold $19,995 worth of War Bonds and Stamps, and sponsored drawing for calf at Lion Bond Auction, in connection with Mrs. MacArthur Cavalcade. Presented toys and treats to 60 children at Christmas dinner party. Favored General Sessions Court and audit of County Offices. Presented two Ten-Year Old Monarch Chevrons, seven Ten-Year Charter Monarch Chevrons.

1943-44 E.W. MIDGETT
Sent cigarettes to servicemen overseas. Entertained farmers at Soil Conservation Program. Held Christmas party for children. Assisted with Fourth War Loan drive. Observed Founders Week. Arranged to sponsor drive for cigarettes for servicemen overseas. Presented Three Keys.

1944-45 BOYD E. ZUMBRO
Visited Lewisburg and Shelbyville Lions Clubs. Voted $40 for War Fund. Sponsored Memory Course. Netted $75 for charity on Memory Course. Voted to sponsor Boy Scout troop. Conducted United Clothing drive. Presented Two Keys. Presented One Master Key to T. T. Martin.

Voted to give to General Rutherford Memorial fund. Conducted United Clothing collection. Voted to sponsor Bicycle Day. Sponsored Fire Prevention Week. Working on memorial building. Sought marking of streets. Voted to hold Farmers Night. Sought repairing of Court House. Voted to aid Boy Scout troop. Exchanged visits with Lebanon Lions Club. Voted to send two boys to Boys State. Presented two Ten-Year Old Monarch Chevrons, one Ten-Year Charter Member Chevron.