Charter Members 1933

Charter Members (1933)

The Murfreesboro Club was organized at a meeting in the James K. Polk Hotel in June, 1933. According to the records of T. B. Woodmore, the first Club secretary, there were 23 charter members present. Dr. R. A. Nausley, an active member of the Club until 1983, was elected president. Dr. W. B. Rawlings, Frank Burgdorff, and Jerry Jackson were named vice-presidents. Minor Bragg was named Lion Tamer and Joe Sanders, Tail Twister, Harvey Clark, John Jetton and Richard Crichlow were the first directors. The Nashville Downtown Club sponsored our Club. There are no living charter members in the Murfreesboro Lions Club.

125 members and guests met July 7, 1933 at a dinner meeting at Murfreesboro’s First Presbyterian Church. Guests from the Shelbyville, Lebanon and Nashville clubs participated in the charter presentation. Dr. C. A. Breast of the Shelbyville Club made the charter presentation.

Ivan Brown
Frank Burgdorf
Marshall Bums
Paul Byrn
Harvey Clark
Richard Crichlow
Harold Earthman

W.B. Hamilton
Price Harrison
Julian Hooper
C.C. Jackson
Jerry Jackson
John Jetton
Thomas A. Moore

R.A. Nausley
W.B. Rawlings
Joe Sanders
Lewis F. Wood
T.B. Woodmore
Forrest Young
James Young